Tautou On for ‘Da Vinci Code’


Okay so Film Deculte and the Boston Herald aren’t exactly looking to be solving The Da Vinci Code with their casting rumors, but Variety seems to have the powers as A Very Long Engagement star, Audrey Tautou will star opposite Tom Hanks in the Columbia Pictures adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel.

Tautou will play cryptographer Sophie Neveu, who teams with Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon (Hanks) to discover why her grandfather was brutally murdered on the floor of the Louvre. The pair finds clues hidden in Da Vinci’s paintings that show the victim was part of a covert society.

Filming is scheduled to begin in June with director Ron Howard at the controls and Brian Grazer and John Calley producing.

Grazer seems to be entranced by the simple writing style Dan Brown employs and tells Variety that he hopes the film will spawn a franchise as they have first shot at “Angels and Demons,” an earlier Langdon mystery that, in the wake of the “Da Vinci Code” phenomenon, has also become a huge bestseller.

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