Pre-Production Effects Shots from ‘Spy Hunter’

ON has a scooper that has come through for the online movie community as they have scored four looks at some early effects storyboards from the upcoming Rock starrer Spy Hunter, based on the Midway video game.

The flick is being directed by John Woo for Universal Pictures and isn’t due out until 2006 but it looks like previsualization is well underway, take a read at what the scooper had to say below and click here or on the teaser above to check out the images.

My friend’s company does CGI effects for movies and TV, and recently they got these images for the Spy Hunter movie. There were at least 20 to 30 images, but my friend only managed to get these to me. He was told they show the major battle at the end of the movie between the Rock’s car and the bad guys vehicles (it’s strange because one takes place during the day, and the other seems to be nighttime). Anyway, his company hopes to get some of the effects work on the movie, which based on the images I saw has some incredible stuff in it. I was really interested in the movie before (love spy movies), but after seeing these, I’m really anxious to see it. I hope it kicks *ss!!

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