Sundance Film Festival 2005 Preview: PART FOUR

Unfortunately today’s preview is only going to be for two more films, but they are a couple of films that look amazing, so without wasting any time…


What could be better than giant sloths, monkeybirds, dangerous sphinxes, and otherworldly creatures that defy description? Well, if you have seen the trailer for MirrorMask then you know there isn’t much that MirrorMask doesn’t offer and it doesn’t look like it could get any better.

From graphic novelists and directors Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman comes a magical world with opposing kingdoms, one in perpetual light and the other in constant darkness. These lands exist in total balance until the Light Queen is put under a spell and falls into a magical sleep. Without the queen, the Light Kingdom has no protection from the minions of the dark. The fate of the world soon rests on the shoulders of Helena, a 15-year-old who finds herself on a fantastic journey to find the MirrorMask and realign the balance of power.

Teaming up with the Jim Henson company, Kean and Gaiman combine live action with digital animation in a spectacular concoction that will dazzle children and adults alike. If you want proof just check out the 11 images we have in our gallery as well as the trailer we have posted by clicking here.


The other film we are previewing in this edition of our Sundance preview is the latest from Kevin Costner called The Upside of Anger. Already picked up by New Line Cinema, Upside will be seeing a theatrical release March 11, 2005.

The film not only stars Costner but puts together quite an impressive cast consisting of Joan Allen, Evan Rachel Wood, Erika Christensen, Alicia Witt and Keri Russell. Upside is a comedic drama that finds Allen starring as the sharp-witted Terry Wolfmeyer, a suburban wife and mother who is left to raise her four headstrong daughters when her husband unexpectedly disappears. Things get even more hectic when Terry falls for her neighbor Denny (Costner), a once-great baseball star turned radio DJ, and her daughters are forced to juggle their mom’s romantic dilemmas as well as their own.

Geoffrey Gilmore of Sundance describes the film one of the most pleasurable and surprisingly unpredictable romantic dramas you’ll see this year. To get a look at some pics and the trailer click here.


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