Political Trailer-ama!

People who live to debate politics and religion on the internet should have a field day this week, as two controversial movies and one generally lighter one have released new trailers this week before the movies are released in the coming weeks. (You can watch the trailers by clicking on the title of the respective movie.)

First, there’s the new trailer for Oliver Stone’s W., a comic biopic about the country’s current president, George W. Bush. Not to be outdone by the Commander in Chief, Bill Maher has unveiled a new trailer for his humorous documentary Religulous, which follows his travels around the globe to look at various religious faiths. Both of those are released by Lionsgate, on October 17 and October 1 (in New York) respectively.

Far tamer than those two edgy films, Neil Burger’s The Lucky Ones (Roadside Attractions) is a road movie starring Tim Robbins, Rachel McAdams and Michael Peña, and you can watch its new trailer here.

If you’re not into intelligent discussion about important political issues, we also have the new trailer for Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories and another one for Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail, all of which you can find here, where you can also find the first trailer for the Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious, which Fox Searchlight unveiled earlier this week.


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