Exclusive Knowing Set Photos


Scooper ‘Jason’ has sent ComingSoon.net this exclusive report from the set of director Alex Proyas’ (I, Robot) new sci-fi thriller, Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne. Photos of the Geelong, Australia set follow his report! You can read the full synopsis for the film here.

I was watching a scene from Nicolas Cage’s new movie “Knowing” being filmed in Geelong. You will see in the photos a traffic jam, which is created by the lead character in the rain wearing a hooded top. The police seem to be trying to talk to him to see what’s wrong (as I guess he knows what’s about to happen) with onlookers from the cars standing around. Then all the onlookers and police scramble out of the way and the lead character stays and turns to look at the sky behind him and then ducks a few seconds later. He stands up and looks to where a jet has crashed and starts running to the scene. He runs down past the jet engine while it’s still running going past a person running from the scene to the tail section where you can hear a woman calling for help and with explosions going off around them.