Update: Spielberg & Jackson to Co-Direct 3rd Tintin ?


UPDATE: You can now watch highlights from the “Indiana Jones” Cannes press conference online here!

Media outlets caught up with Steven Spielberg at the Cannes Film Festival and got a few interesting quotes out of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull director.

Starting with Indy, Spielberg said that he would make another film, “Only if you want more.” He added, “That’s why we made this Indiana Jones. We’ll certainly have our ear to the ground to hear what happens. That’ll decide were we go from here.”

We certainly don’t think money will be an issue, as the movie is expected to make anywhere between $150-175 million in its first five days domestically alone. That’s not counting the 61 international markets it will be released in at the same time on Thursday.

But before another “Indiana Jones” movie can start, Spielberg is working on adaptating “Tintin” for the big screen. As was previously announced, he is directed the first Tintin while Peter Jackson is helming the second. But who will sit in the director’s chair for the third installment of the trilogy?

“We are going to make three ‘Tintin’ movies back-to-back,” Spielberg said. “I’ll direct the first one, Peter will direct the second one. We’ll probably co-direct the third one.”

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