Lichtenstein Directing 3-D Action Pic Relentless

Demian Lichtenstein is set to direct 3-D action feature Relentless for Baldwin Entertainment, says Variety.

The $25 million movie will star Kiwi actor Karl Urban. It will shoot this September in Puerto Rico, produced by Eric Mitchell.

It’s the story of four extreme sports professionals who survive a plane crash in the Amazon jungle, and must use all their survival instincts as they are hunted by a group of homicidal natives.

Lichtenstein, best known for directing 3000 Miles to Graceland, has been shadowing James Cameron on Avatar, and has been trained in 3-D techniques by James Mainard and Phil McNally of DreamWorks.

“I am fascinated with the new 3-D technology and know that this script is a perfect match to take advantage of the unlimited potential of what 3-D can do,” Lichtenstein said. “After being mentored by James Cameron on the set of his new 3-D film ‘Avatar,’ I knew that 3-D movies are no longer just a fad. It is the future of filmmaking.”


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