Warner Bros. Wins Bidding War for The Forever War with Channing Tatum


theforeverwarScience fiction is still hot in Hollywood, which may be why three studios have entered a bidding war to pick up the rights to a movie based on Joe Haldeman’s science-fiction war novel The Forever War with Channing Tatum attached to star.

Haldeman’s Nebula, Locus and Hugo Award-winning novel was published in 1974, telling the story of a war between humans and Tauran. The success of the novel inspired a number of sequels in the “Forever War” series, as well as a Belgian comic book in the ’80s and a board game from Mayfair Games.

Also involved in the package is screenwriter Jon Spaihts, who is behind the hot sci-fi screenplays for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and the upcoming Passengers, as well as producer Roy Lee, who will produce alongside Tatum and his Free Association company.

file_110907_0_tatum-header-levineAccording to The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision Blog, Warner Bros, Sony and one other unnamed studio are all ready to write checks to get the rights, turning it into a bonafide bidding war after years of development under Ridley Scott, who picked up the rights in 2008 from special effects maestro Richard Edlund (Empire Strikes Back), who previously held the rights for two decades. Other writers like David Peoples, Matthew Michael Carnahan and Dante Harper have been involved in writing drafts during the development process.

UPDATE: According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has won the distribution rights to the science fiction adaptation.

When the rights lapsed, the package became available to a new buyer, although Edlund will still be involved in some sort of production capacity. 

Tatum will play William Mandela, a young man assigned to a military task force in the war against the Taurans, following his rise through the ranks while experiencing the effects of time warps that keep him the same age, while the Earth goes through centuries of drastic changes around him. At the same time, he tries to remain connected to a fellow female soldier who also uses the space-time effects to slow down her aging.

(Photo Source: WENN.com)