Harold Penning Ronin and Simon Bloom

The Hollywood Reporter says screenwriter Joby Harold (Awake) has has signed for two writing assignments.

First up for Harold is an adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel “Ronin” for Warner Bros. He then is set to adapt Michael Reisman’s children’s fantasy novel “Simon Bloom” for Universal.

“Ronin,” which Miller wrote and drew in the early 1980s, centers on a masterless samurai who is reincarnated in a dystopic near-future New York populated by squatters, factions and mutants. The ronin must try to destroy a demon with a mystic sword, which also is found in New York. Sylvain White is attached to direct.

“Bloom” revolves around an 11-year-old and his two friends who acquire possession of a physics book that enables them to alter the physical properties of the world, including gravity.

Harold is currently finishing Army of the Dead.


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