Del Toro Not Signed for Hobbit Films Yet

ON caught up with Hellboy II: The Golden Army director Guillermo del Toro who said he is not yet signed for The Hobbit and its sequel.

“At this stage anything I say is of no consequence for I am not yet signed to do ‘The Hobbit.’ Negotiations advance but are still ongoing,” he said.

He added, “All I can say is that I am diligently going through all Tolkien material related to Middle-earth but only as a way of bridging a gap in my reading. I still respond the strongest to ‘The Hobbit,’ but as an avid reader of Mythology I find a lot of his other writings fascinating. A perfect Cosmology forged from very eclectic sources.”

Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema is planning a 2010 release for the first pic and a 2011 release for the second film.

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