Exclusive: George Lucas’ Red Tails in ’09?


Some of the biggest excitement surrounding this year’s ShoWest convention was the fact that George Lucas himself was appearing to present footage from his upcoming animated feature Star Wars: The Clone Wars at Warner Bros.’ “The Big Picture” presentation.

ComingSoon.net had a very rare once-in-a-lifetime chance to sit down with Mr. George Lucas after the Warner Bros. presentation and we talked to him about the animated feature, the series and the future of “Star Wars.” As a brief taster for that interview, we found out how things were going on Red Tails, the film he’s producing about the Tuskegee Airmen, the first all African-American pilot squad during World War II. With all the work that Mr. Lucas has been doing on his two upcoming television shows, we wondered about his future working in film and if he still had time to work on the war epic written by John Ridley.

“As a matter of fact, I’m working on it tomorrow,” he told us, much to our surprise. “We’re getting towards a script, and probably start shooting before the end of the year, and it should come out next year, maybe. That’s probably going to be the last movie I do, apart from my own movies, but my own movies are going to be more esoteric and probably will come and go in a week and be in one or two arthouses. It’s basically the same as what Francis (Ford Coppola) is doing.”

Look for our full interview with Mr. Lucas next week–it’s a good one and you won’t want to miss it! Star Wars: The Clone Wars opens exclusively in theaters on August 15, followed by the launch of the animated series sometime in the fall.