Warner Bros. Picks Up Five Nights at Freddy’s for Feature Adaptation


five nights at freddy's

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the popular video game series Five Nights at Freddy’s has been picked up by Warner Bros. Pictures for a feature adaptation with Roy Lee (Poltergeist, The Ring) of Vertigo Entertainment as well as Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and David Katzenberg (Stephen King’s IT) of KatzSmith Productions set to produce. They’re currently seeking writers for the project.

“We’re looking forward to working with Scott to make an insane, terrifying and weirdly adorable movie,” said Grahame-Smith.

“The story really lends itself to being a movie and it taps into a largely unexplored niche of horror that a lot of people will be able to relate to,” said series creator Scott Cawthon.

Five Night’s at Freddy’s challenges players to survive for five nights as a security guard in a demented pizza entertainment restaurant where homicidal, possessed animatronics roam the halls in search of their next victims.

Though the first game only debuted back in August of 2014, a sequel was released in November of 2014 with a third chapter making its way online this past March. The series has played with non-linear and non-traditional storytelling. The second game in the series was actually a prequel with the third game taking place thirty years after the original. Mini-games also inhabit the titles offering even more clues to the lore of the franchise and the underlying story of what caused the animatronics of Freddy Fazbear and his friends to haunt the location.