Michael Keaton is Lovin’ It as He Becomes a Founder


The Founder McDonald's

Michael Keaton, who just won a Golden Globe for his performance in Birdman this weekend, has met with director John Lee Hancock (The Blindside) to star in The Founder and has received an offer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Founder, likened to both David Fincher’s The Social Network and Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood, will tell the story of how a salesman named Ray Kroc teamed with two brothers, Richard and Maurice “Mac” McDonald, to launch what would soon become an international fast food chain that now serves 68 million customers every day.

Hancock will work from a screenplay by Big Fan and The Wrestler scribe Robert Siegel with FilmNation producing alongside Don Handfield and Jeremy Renner’s The Combine.

Hancock most recently helmed Saving Mr. Banks with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. Although he didn’t direct it, Hancock also worked on the screenplays to both Snow White and the Huntsman and the upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven.

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