Producers on Terminator Salvation


Entertainment Weekly caught up with Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek. They confirmed that Christian Bale is playing John Connor in the first film of the new trilogy and that shooting will start on March 15 in either Australia or Budapest with a budget “north of $150 million.”

The two producers also talked about the other major character in the story. Here’s a clip:

KUBICEK: The other lead character is a new figure. [Anderson laughs] And it’s questionable if he’s an enemy or not. That’s not necessarily resolved.
ANDERSON: It’s a really interesting time in the franchise because it’s where all the fans have always wanted the franchise to go, and it hasn’t to date, which is the post-apocalyptic world. It’s after judgment day. So because we’re in a different time in the mythology, it introduces a whole new set of circumstances and characters.

They also talk about whether Arnold Schwarzenegger will return for a cameo and more here.