Josh Gad May Play Roger Ebert in Russ & Roger Go Beyond


JoshGad1Between this month’s The Wedding Ringer and summer blockbuster Pixels, this is looking to be a banner year for Josh Gad, and now TheWrap reports the young thesp may be stepping into the shoes of late film critic Roger Ebert for the biopic Russ & Roger Go Beyond.

Although Gad has yet to read the script, producers Mark Amin, David Permut and Richard Waltzer have previously signed Will Ferrell to portray infamously breast-obsessed filmmaker Russ Meyer during his time making 1970’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Meyer handpicked Ebert to pen the screenplay for the film after the then-28-year-old had written a good review of one of his pictures, and the two subsequently clashed with 20th Century Fox over the highly profitable Dolls.

The chance to work with Ferrell may be a huge pull for Gad, who has previously played real-life figure Steve Wozniak in 2013’s Jobs, and is also attached to play tragic comedian Sam Kinison in a biopic for director Larry Charles.

Having two showbiz biopics on his docket might be a bit much for Gad, but who producers line up to direct Russ & Roger Go Beyond (Edgar Wright has previously expressed interest) might help bring the whole package together. The screenplay was written by Emmy-winner Christopher Cluess (“Saturday Night Live”). 

(Photo Credit: WENN)