Exclusive: Stopping Power Back On?


A few weeks back, Variety announced that Jan de Bont’s action-thriller Stopping Power had been cancelled by its production company Internationalmedia, but that might not be the case according to one of its stars.

When ComingSoon.net spoke to actress Melissa George about the stunts for her new movie, 30 Days of Night, she told us how de Bont liked his actors to do their own stunts. When we asked about the status of the supposedly cancelled project, she responded:

“It’s back on! First of March. Three days into filming, we were in Berlin, they cancelled the film. It worked out so good, because I’m busy doing other things, and I could come back to shoot HBO and I’m going away next Christmas, and then the strike happens next year, so I’m going to go away in March and do this. Look, anything can change, but it’s on. It has to be on.”

We’ll have a full interview with George on our sister horror site ShockTillYouDrop.com very soon talking about her new movie 30 Days of Night, but we’ll also be talking to Stopping Power‘s other star John Cusack over the weekend so stay tuned for his take on things.

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