Wolfgang Petersen to Direct The Grays


Author Whitley Strieber’s official website has revealed that Wolfgang Petersen (Troy, The Perfect Storm, Outbreak) will direct The Grays, based on the Strieber’s sci-fi novel. Here is how the publisher, Tor Books, describes the book:

A triumvirate of Grays, known as the Three Thieves, has occupied a small Kentucky town for decades–abducting its residents and manipulating fates and bloodlines in hopes of creating an ultra-intelligent human being. Nine-year-old Conner Callahan will face the ultimate terror as he struggles to understand who he has been bred to be and what he must do to save humanity.

Though the Grays have slowly begun to make themselves known, Colonel Michael Wilkes, the head of a select group of government and military officials that have been monitoring the aliens, will do anything in his power to keep them a secret. Wilkes will set in motion a sinister plan to ensure the survival of humanity, but at what cost?

The fate of the human race lies with one woman, Lauren Glass. Her uncanny ability to communicate with the aliens and her relationship with the last remaining captive gray may be the only way to save humankind.

Filming should start in the next few months. The earliest possible release date is summer 2008, with the summer of 2009 more likely.

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