The Two Spocks Talk Star Trek


Zachary Quinto (“Heroes”) and Leonard Nimoy both talked to USA Today‘s Celeb Watch with Will Keck about the new Star Trek movie, coming to theaters on Christmas Day, 2008. Here are several clips:

“I think there’s going to be a sense of guidance through this film and beyond,” he says. In Nimoy, 76, Quinto has found a father figure of sorts.

In November, he will check out of Heroes to beam aboard Trek’s 85-day shoot. He says 11 stages have been built on the Paramount lot, and two weeks will be spent shooting in Iceland.

“I really identify with Spock’s struggle,” he says. “We’re going back to a time before anything (Nimoy did in the original series) was established. These characters are in a completely different stage of their lives.”

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