Roger Avary Helming Castle Wolfenstein

Producer Samuel Hadida has secured the rights to the video game “Return to Castle Wolfenstein,” with Roger Avary attached to write and direct the adaptation of the ID Software property.

The project reteams Avary with Hadida after he wrote the company’s video game adaptation, Silent Hill.

The WWII-set “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” revolves around U.S. Army Ranger B.J. Blazkowicz, who leads a team of agents into Castle Wolfenstein in order to investigate the Nazis’ SS Paranormal Division.

Hadida’s becoming a prolific producer of video game adaptations, with Resident Evil: Extinction, the third and final installment in the franchise, bowing Sept. 21. A sequel to Silent Hill is planned. He also has Onimusha in the works with Christophe Gans attached to direct.

Avary most recently adapted Robert Zemeckis’ take on Beowulf, which Paramount opens Nov. 16. He previously penned Pulp Fiction, The Rules of Attraction and Killing Zoe.

“I’ve been playing the character of B.J. Blazkowicz since the epic ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ first bruised my brain and have ever since wanted to bring his adventures to life on the bigscreen,” Avary said. “It’s time to bust some dams, storm some bunkers and blow up some bridges.”


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