New Line Shows Be Kind Rewind & Golden Compass

New Line followed up Shoot ‘Em Up with the trailer from Jack Black’s new film Be Kind Rewind. In it, Black and Mos Def are two video store clerks who accidentally erased all the tapes in their store. To cover their mistake, they reshoot them themselves. The trailer shows them reshooting Ghostbusters, RoboCop, Driving Miss Daisy, Boyz In The Hood, and other films. It looked absolutely hilarious and was a big hit with the audience.

Next up was The Golden Compass. We were treated to a video greeting from director Chris Weitz who introduced a 5-minute clip never shown in public. We were treated to little clips from throughout the film. We saw some of the opening moments with Daniel Craig, Lyra and her friends, lots of footage of daemons transforming, and more. The polar bears looked fantastic and scenes from the final battle with the witches looked great. Unfortunately, there were no cast or crew appearing at the panel.


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