The Scotts Take The Passage

Fox 2000 and Scott Free have acquired screen rights to a vampire trilogy by Jordan Ainsley that begins with The Passage, says Variety.

The three-book series sold to Ballantine for $3.75 million, based on a 400-page partial manuscript and an outline. The film caught the fancy of Ridley Scott, though it was not immediately clear whether he will direct it.

Ainsley is a pseudonym for Justin Cronin, the PEN Hemingway Award and Stephen Crane Prize-winning author of the literary novel “Mary and O’Neil.” With The Passage, he has created an apocalyptic tale that has elements of 28 Weeks Later and the Stephen King novel “The Stand.”

When terminally ill cancer patients get healthy after being bitten by bats in South America, the government conducts secret tests with human subjects to see if a virus can cure illness. Instead, it unleashes a swarm of bloodthirsty vampires out of the test subjects, which include death row inmates.

The first installment will be published in summer, 2009.


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