Harry Potter 5 Opens to $12 Million


Warner Bros. Pictures’ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix earned an impressive $12 million from the Tuesday going on Wednesday midnight screenings. The screenings took place in 2,311 theaters. The fifth installment in the popular franchise opened fully this morning in 4,285 theaters (or over 9,000 screens), the second-widest ever trailing only Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (4,362).

This opening foreshadows a huge first five days for the film. “At World’s End” brought in $13.2 million its first night with screenings that started at 8pm. Transformers recently earned $8.8 million from its first evening with screenings that began at 8pm.

“Order of the Phoenix” is playing digitally on 579 screens in 325 locations, more than any Warner Bros. film to date. Internationally, it is also the largest digital cinema release to date for any Warner Bros. title with over 750 screens.

The film had the largest number of day-and-date international openings of any film in the franchise, with simultaneous releases in 44 markets worldwide today.

In addition, Warner Bros. has generated the greatest overall number of prints for the film, with over 22,000 prints going to exhibitors around the world.

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