J.J. Abrams Project Reveals Another Puzzle


And the enigma intensifies. It’s been a busy past couple of days for that Untitled J.J. Abrams Project (aka “Cloverfield”) we’ve been following. You can read our last report here.

Two websites dedicated to a chap named Ethan Haas are now live – one entitled EthanHaaswasright.com, the other, EthanHaaswaswrong.blogspot.com. The latter drives you to a blog that spends most of its time disspelling rumors while the former challenges you with a puzzle (where’s Sydney Bristow when you need her?). Memorize the movement of the puzzle pieces and you’ll be taken to raw video footage with a special message.

Tip: Look to the stars for help. You may have to e-mail someone named “Van” – he’ll guide you through all five puzzles. We’ve given it a whirl…

What’s it all mean? Is it all related? Beats us, but this is shaping up to be more than just a rumored “monster movie.” And knowing J.J. Abrams’ work, things are probably going to get a helluva lot more cryptic.

The Hollywood Reporter has also learned that filming began in New York in mid-June. The cast includes Michael Stahl-David (“The Black Donnellys”), Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel (Supercross) and Lizzy Kaplan (“The Class”).

You can discuss the movie and sites here!

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