Mike Myers on The Love Guru

For his next gig, he’ll be turning into The Love Guru. While promoting the latest film in the franchise, Shrek the Third, Mike gave us a little insight into how he’ll be introducing his new character.

Already picked up by Paramount, the film will begin shooting in August. “On the average, I take 3 or 4 years between movies because I create them, write them, then produce them, and then I film them,” he says. “In two months, I’m starting a film called ‘The Love Guru’ that I’ve spent the last two and a half years developing. I came up with this character, and I began touring it in little theaters in New York, just having secret shows. The Marx brothers used to tour their movies before a year of it. I did this same process with Austin Powers; in the last three years, I’ve been developing ‘The Love Guru.’ The average movie takes 6.0 months for a ‘hmm, could this be a movie adapted to the screen?’ I tend to take about 36 months, but I am there all 36 months.”

As for the story of The Love Guru, “He is a Canadian raised in India, becomes a guru, and helps the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup.”

Whether he’s really being serious is anyone’s guess – maybe that’s just wishful thinking on his part being a life-long Leafs fan. But, he does have plans for the Cup if he gets it. “They’re so protective of the Cup, they probably won’t let me come near it, but I’d take it to Lake Ontario and swim with it.”

The Love Guru isn’t scheduled to be in theaters until June, 2008; Shrek the Third hits theaters May 18th.