Colossus Remake in the Works


Universal and Imagine Entertainment will remake the 1970 sci-fi saga Colossus: The Forbin Project as a potential directing vehicle for Ron Howard, reports Variety. Brian Grazer will produce.

Jason Rothenberg has been set to write the screenplay for a movie to be called Colossus.

Based on a book by D.F. Jones, the original film was a forerunner of movies like Terminator, introducing the idea of a government-built computer that becomes sentient and then takes control.

Rothenberg will use the original’s premise as a springboard and will incorporate two subsequent “Colossus” novels written by Jones to hatch a much broader film premise.

After a brainiac designs a supercomputer for the government as a means of protection, the computer decides itself that the most effective way it can act as protector is to assume complete control.

Rothenberg wrote the original draft of The Sparrow, which has Brad Pitt attached at Warner Bros., and he adapted the graphic novel Proximity Effect at Universal.

Dave Collins, who was integral in tying up the rights to the series, will be executive producer.