No Red Cliff for Chow Yun-Fat


Monkey Peaches reports that Chow Yun-Fat has dropped out of director John Woo’s The Battle of Red Cliff, to which Ken Watanabe and Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-Ling are still attached.

According to a statement Chow Yun-Fat sent to, Chow resigned from John Woo’s The Battle of Red Cliff last Friday not because of some unrealistic demands from him. Chow received the screenplay just one week before and the production had already begun. This gave him very little time to prepare for his role as he had to deliver his lines in Mandarin. Chow said he had agreed to take a pay cut for playing his role.

Based on the classic Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” the film is set in the final days of the Han Dynasty in the year 208 and covers the war that established the Three Kingdoms period, when China had three rulers.