IMAX Will Return to Everest 3D


Large-screen specialist MacGillivray Freeman Films has greenlit Return to Everest 3D, a follow-up to its 1998 hit Everest, reports Variety.

“Return” is directed by two-time Oscar nominee Greg MacGillivray (The Living Sea, Dolphins) and produced by MacGillivray and son Shaun MacGillivray. The original grossed $136 million.

The company noted that the production marks the first time the world’s tallest mountain will be filmed in IMAX 3D. “Return” will again star Jamling Norgay of Nepal and Araceli Segarra of Spain, who climbed the summit in 1996. The duo will return to assist the Nepalese Sherpa people whose livelihood depends on the mountain.

The film will also follow a medical research expedition there to study the impact of extreme altitude on the human body and bring back the first blood and tissue samples taken at the 29,035-foot summit. The goal of the study is to improve treatment of critically ill intensive care patients whose low blood oxygen levels mirror those of climbers at high altitudes.

Filmmakers will also attempt to shoot Everest’s summit using a helicopter mounted with a Spacecam camera and plan to fit Sherpa climbers with helmet cams.

Return to Everest 3D is slated for release in March 2009 as the company’s eighth film in its Great Adventure Film series.

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