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Ckrush Entertainment, Inc., a subsidiary of Ckrush, Inc., announced today that John Leguizamo, Michael Rapaport, and Cara Buono will be the judges for the final round of competition to select the eight lead actors to star in Live Mansion: The Movie. The first film produced by a social network, Live Mansion: The Movie is a thriller.

“We are excited to have three actors as talented as John, Michael, and Cara on board to help LiveMansion select the best possible cast for this film,” said Jeremy Dallow, President of Ckrush. “Their participation in casting ‘Live Mansion: The Movie’ is not only exciting for us, but for the entire community at We plan to continue to bring unique opportunities to our members to interact with each other and professionals in the film industry.”

There are eight lead roles that are being cast in Live Mansion: The Movie. Each role is down to three finalists from a field of 1000 entries. The finalists were flown to NY last week for screen tests. The audition tapes will be critiqued by the panel of judges in front of a live audience in New York City on March 19, 2007. The audition tapes will then be posted with the panel’s comments on for the community’s members to vote on and decide who gets cast.

“When I was asked to participate in this event, I thought it would be a great opportunity to help actors that are trying to make it in this industry. LiveMansion is a unique platform for actors to show their talent,” said Leguizamo.

Since its launch last summer, has grown to over 100,000 members and over 600,000 votes were cast during the first three rounds of the director competition and casting call. Last week Spike Lee helped judge shorts from the five director finalists. You can see his comments and vote for your favorite director beginning March 26th on

All members of the community earn “producer points” for each vote they cast during the talent search and director competition. Those who participate the most will be brought to the set and will earn equity in the film among other benefits.

The eight lead characters are Jack, Envin, Clyde, Dereck, Rebecca, Mee-gan, Janelle, and Sabrina. The actor finalists were flown in from all over the country to audition for these lead roles. The finalists are: Damien Maffei (Levittown, NY), Jason Henry (Pheonixville, PA), Jim Faulkner (NY, NY), Alex Haney (NY, NY), Jesse Kozel (Bradenton, FL), Thomas “Keelen” Monahan (Keansburg, NJ), Joseph Pacillo (Parsippany, NJ), Steven DiGennaro (Staten Island, NY), David Oliver (East Hartford, CT), Luigi Valentino (Omaha, NE), Steve Lee (Gaithersburg, MD), Kevin Kolack (NY, NY), Julie Wions (Hillsborough, NJ), Bethany Paxson (Philadelphia, PA), Kristy Phillips (NY, NY), Mia Denali (NY, NY), Hannah Fierman (Atlanta, GA), Ceclilia Frontero (NY, NY), Samantha Facchi (NY, NY), Emily Deal (Greensboro, NC), LaMyra Kinzer (Winston Salem, NC), Nina Kate Hauptman (Los Angeles, CA), Sylvianne Chebance (NY, NY), and Melissa Roth (Brooklyn, NY).

Live Mansion: The Movie will begin production this summer.

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