Damon Has Boxing and Youth Plans


In a new interview with Telegraph Magazine, Matt Damon reveals a bit more about his upcoming projects:

Matt Damon is wholesome and smart, and ridiculously fit and healthy. But he is too buzzingly enthused to be dull or worthy. He is a great conversationalist and thoroughly friendly. He likes a beer and boxing; he and Mark Wahlberg are planning a film about two real-life fighters from Massachusetts. He is excited that the upcoming Ocean’s 13 film is launching with a splash at Cannes; he has never been. He is equally thrilled by his cameo roles in Coppola’s next film Youth Without Youth, and in Margaret by the writer-director Kenneth Lonergan, in whose play This Is Our Youth he appeared on the London stage in 2002.

Ocean’s 13 hits theaters on June 8, while Damon’s threequel The Bourne Ultimatum opens on August 3.

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