Kidman in Crash on The Invasion Set


Nicole Kidman was taken to a hospital after the Jaguar she was driving crashed early Thursday during downtown shooting of Warner Bros. sci-fi thriller The Invasion, says The Associated Press.

Kidman, 39, was examined at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and then released a short time later. Paramedics were called to examine Kidman for injuries before she was taken to the hospital, police said.

“Nicole Kidman was in the vehicle at the time of the accident and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. She was released shortly thereafter,” the studio said.

The Jaguar was being towed by a camera rig that skidded while taking a corner and caused Kidman’s car to hit a pole on West Sixth Street, police said. The actress was wearing a seat belt.

“The stunt driver apparently went off course and hit a light post at about 1 a.m.,” police Officer Karen Smith said.

Eight people, including Kidman, stuntmen and cameramen, were taken to hospitals for examination and were released, Smith said. Warner Bros. said two crew members had minor injuries.

The studio also said production continued after the crash and Kidman was expected back on the set Thursday.

The Invasion, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, co-stars Daniel Craig (Casino Royale). It opens on August 17.

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