Listen to an Exclusive Track from The Independent Soundtrack

ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from The Independent — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, featuring original music by Jessica Rose Weiss (Afterlife of the Party). Lakeshore Records is set to release the album on February 3, but you can hear a track titled “Let’s Do This Together” below.

The dark strings, electronics, and piano all come together in Weiss’s score providing a rich backdrop to the political drama.  The Sky Original film stars Brian Cox, Jodie Turner-Smith, Ann Dowd, and John Cena and begins streaming on Sky Cinema and NOW on February 24.

“It was such a privilege to score Amy Rice’s incredible film The Independent. The story required a blend of emotional & intellectually stimulating music to support the complex, electrifying narrative. A massive thank you to The Budapest Scoring Orchestra, Dave Eggar & Ramin Loga Torkian for bringing the music to life,” said Weiss.

The Independent Soundtrack Tracklist

01. The Wave is Coming

02. Love Fades, Values Don’t

03. Trashed

04. We Deserve Better

05. See You At The Next One

06. You and I

07. How Bad Is It?

08. The Rescue

09. Holy Shit

10. New Information

11. Never Got To Say Goodbye

12. Found The Needle

13. Count to Five

14. Something’s Happening Here

15. Is It Worth It?

16. Let’s Do This Together 

 “It’s the final weeks of the most consequential presidential election campaign in US history. America is poised to elect either its first female president (Ann Dowd) or finally break the country’s two-party gridlock with its first viable independent candidate (John Cena),” reads the synopsis. “Reporting history as it’s made, an idealistic young journalist (Jodie Turner-Smith) gets an opportunity to work with her idol, veteran Washington political columnist Nick Booker (Brian Cox). Eli is pursuing a story about budget cuts and by following the money she and Booker uncover a financial conspiracy that places the fate of the election, the country, and democracy in their hands.


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