Lee Daniels to Direct Horror Film Demon House


Lee Daniels, the Oscar-nominated producer/director behind Precious and The Butler is taking his first stab at the horror genre helming Relativity’s real life possession tale Demon House, which TheWrap reports is based on the ongoing story of Latoya Ammons.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the supernatural occurrences in Ammons’ Gary, Indiana home caused her and all three of her children to show signs of demonic possession, including “evil smiles,” growling and deepened voices, as relayed by Ammons’ mother, Rosa Campbell. The possession took hold of Ammons, causing her body to shake, while her children were levitated and tossed about the house, and in one case her son walked backwards up a wall in front of a Department of Child Services worker.

Rev. Michael Maginot was brought in to investigate and said he believed the family was being tormented by demons and ghosts, which included knocking on the locked basement doors and dogs barking. Maginot performed several minor and major exorcisms on Ammons attended by Gary police officers and a DCS case worker. The Star later reported that Maginot signed a movie deal with The Conjuring producer Tony DeRosa-Grund of Evergreen Media, which would make it a rival project to Demon House if it goes into production.

Relativity will finance, produce and distribute Demon House with Jackson Nguyen and Todd Crites producing along with Bruce Cohen.