Paul Greengrass to Direct Berlin Wall Escape Tale The Tunnels


Academy Award-winning director Paul Greengrass is taking the director’s chair on The Tunnels, an upcoming true story about an escape through tunnels dug under the Berlin Wall in a pre-reunificated Germany. Variety reports that the film will be based on a book proposal by author Greg Mitchell. Mitchell himself soon confirmed the news on his official site.

“Big news today for yours truly,” Mitchell writes, “as my proposal for my next book ‘The Tunnels’ was purchased by great upstart company FilmNation for major film directed by my one of my film heroes Paul Greengrass… Quite flattered by interest over past 10 days from several leading studios and A-list directors but very happy to be with Greengrass — I was one of early fans of his ‘Bloody Sunday’ back in 2002, and since — and producer Mark Gordon (who did ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and so many others). Amazing story and now opportunity on the page and on the screen.”

Greengrass has recently been linked to a few projects, including American Nightmare, which is set to star Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, as well as the next Bourne film, reuniting him with star Matt Damon.

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