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Listen to an Exclusive Track from Netflix’s Ivy + Bean

ComingSoon is pleased to offer an exclusive track from Ivy + Bean — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring music by composer Michael Yezerski, who scored all three films in the Netflix fantasy series. The track, titled “The Rain Spell,” will appear on the upcoming digital soundtrack album, which releases on September 2 to coincide with the release of the films.

“Scoring Ivy & Bean has been a career highlight for me – three different films, three different musical worlds, and two brilliant lead characters to carry us through it all!” said Yezersk. “‘The Rain Spell’ features two of my favorite themes from the films. It opens with our ‘Ivy / Magic Potions’ theme and builds into a huge rendition of the main ‘Ivy & Bean’ theme (which coincides visually with the characters coming together). I was thrilled not only to have our wonderful performers from Budapest and Sydney on the track but also the world-class Sydney Children’s Choir who lent us their angelic vocals.”

Listen to “The Rain Spell” below:

Hailing originally from Australia, and with a background in both contemporary concert music and electronic music production, Michael Yezerski blends styles and influences in a way that pushes the boundaries of what dramatic film music can be. Rich in technique and sitting comfortably at the border with avant-garde music design, Michael’s work is nevertheless fundamentally human and melodic at its core.

In addition to scoring all three Ivy+ Bean films, Yezerski also scores episode 4 of Guillermo del Toro/Netflix’s upcoming anthology series, Cabinet of Curiosities, which premieres October 25th, and co-scores Starz’s hit series Blindspotting.


1 Get Along – beabadoobee

2 Rules R Made 2 B Broken – Salem Ilese

3 Two Left Feet – Tayla Parx and Harloe

4 Ivy + Bean Main Titles – Michael Yezerski

5 The Rain Spell – Michael Yezerski

6 The Invisibility Spell – Michael Yezerski

7 The Hose Incident – Michael Yezerski

8 Burglars and Bears – Michael Yezerski

9 Box of Tricks – Michael Yezerski

10 The Secret Garden – Michael Yezerski

11 The Mission – Michael Yezerski

12 Poopy Yard – Michael Yezerski

13 Mrs Trantz’s Garden – Michael Yezerski

14 The Pit of Doom (Finale) – Michael Yezerski

15 As Friends – Michael Yezerski

16 The Ghost Bathroom – Michael Yezerski

17 The Elasmosaurus – Michael Yezerski

18 The White Mist – Michael Yezerski

19 Passthenoteology – Michael Yezerski

20 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Michael Yezerski

21 Operation Balaclava – Michael Yezerski

22 Assiduous Applause – Michael Yezerski

23 The Sacred Spell – Michael Yezerski

24 The Treehouse and Monsier Joi – Michael Yezerski

25 Game of Wilis – Michael Yezerski

26 Double or Nothing – Michael Yezerski

27 Doomed to Dance – Michael Yezerski

28 Buckle Up – Michael Yezerski

29 The Aquarium – Michael Yezerski

30 The Wedding Under The Sea – Michael Yezerski

31 My Body and Soul Soar – Michael Yezerski

32 Curtain Call – Michael Yezerski

33 Eternal Friendship – Michael Yezerski


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