Report: Sony Looking to Make New Karate Kid Film

Report: Sony Looking to Make New Karate Kid Film

A new Karate Kid film is reportedly in the works at Sony, according to a recent report from Murphy’s Multiverse.

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The latest report states that Sony is currently looking to cast a teenager for the lead in the role, with the company reportedly looking for a 17-year-old male who can speak both Mandarin and English. The character has been referred to as “Li,” and his character description lists him as “small for his age, but tough, smart, and scrappy,” as well as a skilled fighter who has had his life uprooted to Brooklyn, New York.

The story of the film is not yet known, but the report does give a brief synopsis of the film, which is said to focus on Li dealing with a past tragedy that drives a wedge between himself and his mother.

In a potential twist from the original Karate Kid narrative, Li will be the one training someone else. The story mentions him meeting Mia, a fellow high school student, and Victor, her father. Apparently, Li soon finds himself training Victor in the ways of Kung Fu.

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No official confirmation of the movie has come yet, but the report does mention that Rob Lieber (Peter Rabbit) has been tabbed to pen the script. Should the film eventually go ahead, it would be the latest film in the Karate Kid franchise since the 2010 re-imagining of the film by Harald Zwart, which starred Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. That film received a mixed creation from critics and fans but did make nearly $400 million at the box office at the time of its release.


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