Since I Been Down Clip

Exclusive Since I Been Down Clip Previews Prison Documentary

ComingSoon is excited to debut a clip from the upcoming film Since I Been Down by Gilda Sheppard. The film takes a look at the power of education through stories of the incarceration system in Tacoma, Washington. The film releases on May 24 on video on demand services.

Since I Been Down takes us to Tacoma, Washington. Influenced by the national drug war frenzy and the fear-based culture of punishment in the 1980s-90s, Tacoma sacrificed its most-vulnerable children to a life behind bars. These children, who are now adults, cannot be silenced,” says the synopsis. “As we hear them tell their stories, bravely, unapologetically, we realize: This is the story of ‘Everytown USA’.”

Check out the Since I Been Down clip below:

“I don’t think anyone can see this film without recognizing the deep humanity in everyone,” said University of CA, Santa Cruz Distinguished Professor Emerita Angela Davis. “And if you are talking about transformative justice, and focusing on the potential that people have to transform themselves and the world outside of them — look at these sisters and brothers!”


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