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Michael Sarnoski’s A Quiet Place Prequel Movie Gets Title

As revealed at CinemaCon, the third film in the A Quiet Place series will be a prequel entitled A Quiet Place: Day One. The film, which is directed by Michael Sarnoski of Pig fame, will depict the arrival of the blind aliens that have fully taken over the world first envisioned by John Krasinski in the 2018 original.

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While both A Quiet Place and its sequel mainly take place in a world fully entrenched in an alien takeover, this won’t be the first time viewers get to see the origins of this apocalyptic scenario. A Quiet Place 2 shook up the tone of the horror franchise with a thrilling scene that showed the chaos of the early days of the invasion. Day One will further expand on this concept while also shifting the perspective beyond the Abbott family that the main series follows.

A Quiet Place: Day One is one of the many films delayed by the global pandemic, but it now has a firm title and a spot on the calendar. Moviegoers can expect the film to hit cinemas on September 22, 2023.

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Day One will also serve as a stopgap between mainline entries in the franchise, as director John Krasinski will return to helm the third Quiet Place film. This movie is set for release sometime in 2025, but that’s pretty far out and definitely subject to change. Krasinski will also work with Paramount on Imaginary Friends, a fantasy comedy that sees the former Office star reteam with Steve Carell and also features Ryan Reynolds.


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