The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel is Now Titled Leatherface


Newcomer Seth M. Sherwood has signed on to script Millennium Films’ upcoming prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, now going by the title Leatherface (which, confusingly enough, was also the title of the third entry in the horror franchise). TheWrap has the news, reporting that the search is on for a director with production targeted for this winter.

The plan, the outlet reports, is for Leatherface to explore the origins of the horror icon in the 1970s, although the most recent film, Texas Chainsaw 3D, wasn’t afraid of flaunting some sizable anachronisms.

Leatherface will mark the eighth overall entry in the franchise, which currently includes, in addition to Tobe Hooper’s original, three sequels, a remake, a prequel to the remake and a modern-day “direct sequel.”

Christa Campbell, Lati Grobman and Carl Mazzacone will produce.