MJF acting
(Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling)

AEW’s MJF is Excited To Be a ‘Heel In Hollywood’

One of the many reasons that more and more pro wrestling fans are tuning into TBS on Wednesday nights for All Elite Wrestling Dynamite is their inevitable love-hate relationship with Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF is one of the brightest young stars of a young wrestling promotion, a generational talent on the microphone that has accomplished loads in an amazingly short time. Now, the 26-year-old has his sights set on becoming the next grappler to break through to the silver screen.

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In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, MJF detailed his acting ambitions, even revealing that he already has agents in place getting him into the Hollywood mix. He’s even landed a role in an animated film that’s set to release in 2023, although he can’t detail it quite yet.

Max makes it clear that he wants to be right behind John Cena, The Rock, and Dave Bautista when the time is right, while also getting in a subtle dig at many of the rivals he verbally abuses weekly on AEW TV.

“Quite frankly, when people think about professional wrestling and acting, they get nervous and queasy, right?” stated MJF. “Because most professional wrestlers cannot act. You put a red light in their face and the best they can do is ‘I’m gonna kick your ass!’ That’s not my M.O., I’m a bright guy.”

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MJF goes on to describe how much he idolizes the legendary comedian Don Rickles. In particular, he loved how Rickles could go into any room and talk about anyone in any way he saw fit while still remaining beloved. MJF feels similarly about wrestling audiences and hopes he can have the same effect when he finally does make the jump to film. In his own words, he could be an amazing “heel in Hollywood.”


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