Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor

Exclusive Trailer: Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor

ComingSoon is premiering the Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor trailer. Directed by Shelley Thompson and produced by Terry Greenlaw, the film stars Maya Henry, Robb Wells (Trailer Park Boys), Amy Groening, and Reid Price in the main roles. It’s out March 4 in Cineplex theaters.

“Set on a Nova Scotia dairy farm, John Andrew has just lost his wife Miranda to cancer. When a young woman with a startling resemblance to Miranda appears on his porch, an odyssey towards understanding begins,” says the synopsis. “John Andrew’s estranged son Donald is now Dawn, and she’s come home to mourn her mother and keep her promise to repair her relationship with her Dad. Restoring the tractor her mother learned to drive on becomes a focus for the mechanically minded Dawn. John Andrew begins to realize that if he’s to reclaim this relationship, he has to come out with Dawn, and what better setting than the community tractor trials — an event Miranda created as a tireless village volunteer — where he proudly cheers for his daughter Dawn, as she enters the arena at the wheel of the lovingly restored tractor.”

Check out the Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor trailer below:

Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor also features Taylor Olson, Breton Lalama, Richie Wilcox, Francine Deschepper, Bette MacDonald, and Hans Böggild.


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