Exclusive Silverback: The Trent Williams Story Trailer

ComingSoon is excited to debut the Silverback: The Trent Williams Story trailer. The documentary chronicles the life of football sensation Trent “Silverback” Williams.

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The documentary follows the story of Trent “Silverback” Williams, the NFL’s best offensive lineman over the last decade, who overcame life-threatening cancer on his head and became the highest-paid at his position in league history. The doc also features 5-time Grammy-winning artist Lil Wayne (who is also one of Trent’s best friends), NFL players Adrian Peterson, Vernon Davis, Chris Ivory, and more.

Check out the Silverback: The Trent Williams Story trailer below:

“The San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle—known as the “Silverback” for his size and speed—is authoring one of the most miraculous comeback stories in NFL history. In 2014, when Trent was with Washington, he discovered a bump on his head that had slow growth and was difficult to diagnose,” says the synopsis. “Then in January 2019, Trent received a severe diagnosis: he had a rare and life-threatening sarcoma on his scalp that was weeks away from spreading to his skull and, potentially, his brain. After missing more than a year, during which he became an accomplished entrepreneur, Trent returned to form in 2020 and was selected to his eighth Pro Bowl, before signing a $138 million deal earlier this year—the most lucrative contract for an offensive lineman ever. For the first time, Trent opens up about one of the craziest ordeals and comebacks in sports.”

Silverback: The Trent Williams Story was executive produced and directed by Jared Zwerling. Williams also served as executive producer alongside Vince Taylor. The film is set to release on digital platforms on December 14.


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