Kevin Hart Raves About Working With Paul Reiser in Fatherhood

Kevin Hart didn’t just show off his dramatic acting abilities in Netflix’s Fatherhood, but he finally got to meet comedy legend and Mad About You star Paul Reiser.

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“Paul Reiser is beyond a legend, man,” Hart told ComingSoon. “I remember talking to him when I first got there on set and just saying I grew up watching him. I know who he is and was to comedy. So I’m a comedy student. So, any moment where I felt like I get to touch history and share something with someone that I feel has meant so much and has had purpose in my craft’s history, I value that. Paul being a part of this movie, it was special and he had a great role. This is my boss. It was a really good role. We had a lot of fun with it and you know it helped add another layer to the performance as well because you got a boss that’s expecting certain things from you and you can’t give it. You’re kind of complicating other people’s lives and situations because of yours too. That’s the weight that a lot of people carry. So me bringing my child to work and expecting it to be okay or not really having a plan, it was a lot of weight that was being put on people.”

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Reiser was equally as complimentary toward Hart.

“I had never met Kevin, which is crazy,” admitted Reiser to ComingSoon. “I always think comics all know each other, but I never really crossed paths. It was so easy to jump into. He’s a dad himself. So he was acting more than I was because he had to pretend he doesn’t know what he’s doing. It was just very easy to fall into that role. I’m certainly older than Kevin. So it felt really comfortable. It was great as I kind of anticipated, it was going to be just great to just bat the ball around with him. There’s a reason he’s a very, very big star. He’s really good.”

Fatherhood is now streaming on Netflix.