Hardcore: Godzilla vs. Kong Director Adam Wingard to Helm Comic Adaptation


Hardcore: Godzilla vs. Kong Director Adam Wingard to Helm Comic Adaptation

(Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage via Getty Images)

Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard is set to helm the comic book adaptation Hardcore, based on the Skybound and Image comic book series created by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Invincible) and Marc Silvestri (Cyber Force, Rise of the Magi). The feature is based on an original story outline written by Kirkman (via Deadline).

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Hardcore is described as an action sci-fi thriller following a soldier’s journey as he saves the world without getting his hands dirty. The first volume in the comic book series is written by Andy Diggle (Thief of Thieves, Losers) and illustrated by Alessandro Vitti (Secret Warriors).

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Wingard will also co-write the movie alongside Will Simmons. Skybound and Wingard’s Montauk Chair will produce the project. Kirkman, David Alpert, Bryan Furst, and Sean Furst will produce for Skybound with Wingard executive producing. Universal’s Matt Reilly will oversee on behalf of the studio.

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Hardcore #1 centers on Agent Drake and the Hardcore Program. They can turn any person into a human drone to get to targets that normal soldiers can’t. Drake is the best soldier Hardcore has to offer, but when he gets stranded in a body with only 72 hours to discover who’s hijacked the Program, he’ll have to pull out all the stops again an enemy who could be literally anyone.