Children of the Corn Reboot Movie

Sneak a Peek At The Children of the Corn Prequel via New Photos

Children of the Corn is a long-running series of films all stemming from a well-received Steven King adaption in 1984. Almost a decade after that original release, it became a direct-to-video staple, producing seven sequels, a TV film adaption, a reboot, and now a nostalgic prequel/remake in 2021.

Said prequel, also entitled Children of the Corn and directed by Kurt Wimmer, premiered in a limited theatrical run this past October, but didn’t generate too much buzz at the time. The film is now headed to home media for a wider audience, and producers ANVL Entertainment have seen fit to release a series of new screenshots from the film to tease that eventual release.

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If the movie gained any notoriety, it’s the headlines it got from continuing filming in 2020 despite the global pandemic. Wimmer and his crew captured the final shots of the film on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia late last year, taking great precaution because of the health risk to everyone involved.

Producer Lucas Foster expanded on this in talks with Deadline when production wrapped. “We ended up taking hundreds of measures. We did not trust the whole. Instead, we broke down every scene separately. Night. Day. Crowds. Interiors. And so on, assessing different levels of risk.”

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The new Children of the Corn stars young actors Elena Kampouris (Before I Fall), Kate Moyer (When Hope Calls), Callan Mulvey (Avengers: Endgame) and Bruce Spence (The Road Warrior). It will be the eleventh entry in the series.


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