CS Interview: Monday Interview With Stars Sebastian Stan & Denise Gough

How a Road Trip Helped Sebastian Stan & Denise Gough’s Chemistry

ComingSoon.net recently spoke to Denise Gough and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan. Both stars play leads in Argyris Papadimitropoulos’ romantic drama Monday, which is now available in select theaters and video on demand. During our talk, the duo went into detail about how they unconventionally prepped for the film and that their rehearsal was simply hanging out together.

“We both come from like rehearsing and kind of like spending time breaking down scenes and you know, your typical actor stuff,” explained Stan. “Then I feel like when we got there, Argyris instead one rest to just keep going to these dinners, and we’re like, ‘When are we rehearsing?’ And he’d be like, ‘Ah, tomorrow,’ and then we’d be in another dinner. I think we both realized that that was the rehearsal.”

Gough explained that the two stars went on a road trip together, which helped them improve their chemistry.

“We went on a road trip after two nights of knowing each other,” revealed Gough. “We got in a car with four people we hadn’t met a couple of weeks previous. I had been there a week longer than Sebastian had been. So, I had a little more time, but got in a car for four hours and drove to the producers’ [villa] that he owns or something. I went there for three days and now I look back and I think, I think you said it, Sebastian, where it was like, ‘Oh, that was the work.’ It was really clever the way he kept going, ‘Yeah. Don’t worry. We’ll do that.’ Because I thought we were going to sit down and kind of do the scenes. Then because I had done an improvise film before I was like, ‘Oh, I see. It’s not, we’re just hanging out, but there’s something deeper going on. Which meant that when we started, we sort of started as a twosome that had been hanging out, didn’t know each other very well, but it was helpful to what we had to then do together.”

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Stan credits the road trip and time together before filming for strengthening not just the bond between actors but also with the director.

“It got us so close with Argyris, which is again, why at the end of the movie was so sad,” Stan said. “The way they filmed over there is everyone’s involved like from hair and makeup to the crew, to the lighting. Like they all know each other. They’re all spending time together as they’re making it, and then, you know, everybody was sad when it was over.”

Gough found herself devastated by the time filming wrapped.

It was the first time I’d ever done anything like this. Like I’d never partnered in a film before. So when I left at the end, I just thought we should all live together in a big house in Greece. I started learning the language. I was like, ‘I’m Greek now.’ Everything. This is it. Right? We have all found each other. It’s perfect. So I was kind of spat back into my life going, ‘What was that?'”

Check out ComingSoon.net’s full interview below:

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