Shout! Studios’ Slumber Party Massacre Remake Heads to SYFY

Three decades after the theatrical release of Amy Holden Jones’ groundbreaking The Slumber Party MassacreDeadline brings word that SYFY has successfully acquired that distribution rights to Shout! Studios’ modern remake of the 1982 classic slasher film. Production on the upcoming film recently wrapped in South Africa and is currently expected to make its debut later this year.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Syfy on Slumber Party Massacre. Ever since we acquired the New Horizon Picture library, encompassing 270 Roger Corman films, we’ve been looking for opportunities to co-develop new content and remakes. We look forward to combining our efforts and hope this is just the start of a long and rewarding relationship,” Shout!’s founders and CEOs Bob Emmer and Garson Foos said in a statement.

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The Slumber Party Massacre remake is being described as a contemporary reimagining of the cult classic film, directed by Danishka Esterhazy (Vagrant Queen) from a script written by Suzanne Keilly (Ash vs. Evil Dead). It will be led by Hannah Gonera, Frances Sholto-Douglas, Mila Rayne, Alex McGregor and Reze-Tiana Wessels.

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“Remaking one of the seminal films of Roger Corman and Amy Holden Jones’ early work is exciting and audacious,” Shout’s Head of Original Content Development, Brent Haynes said. “But there are no better hands in which to place this challenge to Danishka Esterhazy, Suzanne Keilly, and the team at Blue Ice Pictures. Their creative vision will both honor the Corman ethos and captivate today’s audiences.”

The project was developed by Shout! Studios after the studio acquired the New Horizon Pictures library, which includes 270 films from executive producer Roger Corman. The remake is executive produced by Brent Haynes, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos and Jordan Fields. Blue Ice Pictures also boarded the project as producers, reuniting them with Esterhazy.

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The original Slumber Party Massacre film was directed by Amy Holden Jones from a script written by Rita Mae Brown, who originally penned the story as a parody of the slasher genre. The film centered around a group of high school seniors as they throw a slumber party while Trish Deveraux’s parents are away. However, their seemingly normal girls’ night unfortunately gets crashed by an escaped serial killer, who uses a power drill to kill his victims.

Even though the film received mixed reviews and a poor box office performance, it still went on to amass quite a large cult following which spawned off two more sequels in 1987 and 1990. It is considered something of a feminist landmark as a slasher film written and directed by women, with many critics insisting that it subverts some of the sexist tropes of the genre.


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