Paul Dano Cast as Steven Spielberg’s Dad For Director’s Upcoming Film

The semi-autobiographical picture from director Steven Spielberg has cast Paul Dano (The Batman) as Arnold Spielberg, the filmmaker’s father. Variety broke the news that Dano would be joining Michelle Williams (Fosse/Verdon), recently announced to star as Spielberg’s mother, and Seth Rogen (An American Pickle), set to play a version of the famed director’s favorite uncle.

The real Arnold Spielberg recently passed away on August 25, 2020 at the age of 103.

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While Spielberg is set to release his completed Westside Story later this year, his untitled project loosely based on his young life is set to begin shooting this summer. Inspired by his childhood in Arizona, the director has often cited his upbringing as a major inspiration for his films. Growing up in an Orthodox Jewish family has been the subject that the director often goes back and pays homage to through his work. However, the legendary director has not delved too deeply into his past aside from the HBO Documentary on his legacy. His father Arnold Meyer Spielberg was an American electrical engineer instrumental in contributions for data that would define modern tech. It was his camera that a young Spielberg would pick up to create his first 8 mm films. His father would go on to fund his son’s first independent film, a science fiction adventure titled Firelight. After his parent’s divorce Spielberg moved to Los Angeles with his dad.

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Steven Spielberg will co-write the film along with Tony Kushner, which is described as giving his family original voices separate from their real-life counterparts. Casting is currently underway for the remaining roles including his siblings and himself. This personal project will follow Westside Story, which releases at the end of the year and marks an interesting turn for the director, who stepped away from the fifth Indiana Jones film in early 2020.

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