Gremlins Remake Picking Up Steam


Following rumors of a big screen franchise reboot earlier this year, Ain’t it Cool News is reporting that a new Gremlins feature film has been put on the fast track at Warner Bros.

The notion of sequelizing or rebooting Joe Dante’s 1984 horror/comedy classic is one that has been heavily debated among fans for years and, even if the project does move forward, it’s likely far too early to know exactly what form it might take. No matter what, though, a new Gremlins film won’t materialize without the involvement of producer Steven Spielberg.

Although the first film was a hit, Dante himself was reluctant to step behind the camera for a sequel. He did, however, in 1990 with Gremlins 2: The New Batch, a decidedly more farcical take on the mischievous creatures and one that, coincidentally enough, pokes a great deal of fun at what happens when they fall into the hands of a large corporation.

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