Listen to an Exclusive Track from Netflix’s I Care A Lot is pleased to premiere an exclusive track from the forthcoming soundtrack to the Netflix film I Care A Lot titled, “I Don’t Lose, I Can’t Lose.” Listen to the track below!

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Composed by Marc Canham (Close), the eclectically emotive electronic score incorporates a wide array of instruments and machinery as it veers from surreal lightheartedness to extremely unnerving following the mood of the dark satire.

Lakeshore Records will release the album digitally February 19.

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Says Canham: “The score’s initial playful shiny swagger mirrors the American Dream, juxtaposing the reality of horrible people doing horrible things on screen. As the story develops the veneer of the American Dream begins to crack, allowing the less predictable and uncomfortable sounds to emerge, underlining the wicked reality of the situation, forming a darkly humorous yet brutal satirical take on this broken concept.”

The Netflix film written and directed by J. Blakeson and starring Golden Globe nominee Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage and Dianne Weist streams on Netflix February 19.


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