Watched at Home: Top Streaming Films for the Week of January 16

Watched at Home: Top Streaming Films for the Week of January 16

Hey there, fellow couch potatoes! Well, let’s see. Tenet continues its dominance atop DEG’s Watched at Home Top 20 list, which means Christopher Nolan’s epic action pic has claimed the top spot in three out of the last four weeks with no end in sight. Seriously, there aren’t any movies coming out for a while, so Nolan’s film might go the distance and remain the champ for the next month. That’s crazy to think about.

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Still, the list enjoyed a few new entrees including Nate Parker’s American Skin (No. 10), STX’s thriller Songbird (No. 17), the documentary The Dissident (No. 18) and the animated comedy 100% Wolf (No. 20).

Aside from those few, the Top 20 remained the same as last week. You know, lots of Yellowstone, some Harry Potter, a little Lord of the Rings. Hopefully the coming weeks can shake things up a little.

1 Tenet (Warner Bros.)

2 Honest Thief (Briarcliff Entertainment)

3 The War with Grandpa (Universal)

4 Love and Monsters (Paramount)

5 Yellowstone: S3 (Paramount)

6 Yellowstone: S1 (Paramount)

7 Yellowstone: S2 (Paramount)

8 Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection (Warner Bros.)

9 The Office: S1-9 (Universal)

10 American Skin (Vertical Entertainment)

11 The Informer (Vertical Entertainment)

12 Unhinged (Lionsgate)

13 The Craft: Legacy (Sony)

14 Buddy Games (Paramount)

15 RuPaul’s Drag Race: S13 (VH1)

16 The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Warner Bros.)

17 Songbird (STX)

18 The Dissident (Vertical Entertainment)

19 Spell (Paramount)

20 100% Wolf (Viva Pictures Distribution)